Revival Of Romance

Bringing back the old motifs and weaves and re introducing them to the modern world, in lighter drape friendly fabrics.



There is a memory attached to every heirloom textile we own, whether it was gifted to us at a special occasion, or it was part of our trousseau, or we wore it at a function we will always remember, or we gifted it to ourselves because it was love at first sight when we saw the intricacy of the work or the unique colour it was woven in, or simply because it has been passed down to us from our loved ones. It is not just the love for the textile that makes them so precious to us, but the emotions they carry that make us treasure them for a lifetime.

In the 2000s, Benarasi weaves and textiles were losing their charm and were not the most desired option by young women. They were considered to be textiles worn by the older generations, largely because of how heavy benarasi sarees weighed. The heavy jaals and motifs woven on pure silk fabrics made it difficult for the younger generation to carry it, move around in them and manage working while having them perfectly draped.

It was then that our founders Roli & Vikash Mehra brainstormed with their weavers to revive the love for heirloom textiles by blending fabrics. The quality or purity of the fabrics used was never adulterated, but instead we used fabrics like moonga georgette, tussar and georgette to name a few, to make beautiful and drape friendly sarees.




We, at Roliana, revived the designs, motifs and poths that were traditional to Benarasi weaves and brought them back by weaving them on flowing, drape-friendly and wearable fabrics. This kept the richness and exclusiveness of the heirloom textiles in place while also making them comfortable to wear for people of all generations. We named it Roliana’s Revival Series, which became a feature in every collection that was showcased ever since then, a touch of tradition and transformation.




But for us, revival has never been limited to bringing back the old patterns and designs. Your mother’s wedding saree, your grandmother’s lehanga, a piece of heirloom textile passed down through generations in a family as a tradition, these are more precious to us than anything else, which is why, Roliana stands with you all the way by offering services to refurbish, revive and restore your old family heirlooms, so that you can wear them with the same grace and pride, and also suggest styling options to pair the skirts and sarees with our collection of blouses and dupattas.



We proudly stand strong and for the revival of the dying art of the famed heirloom industry, consciously and consistently striving to restore the dying romance between women and weaves, with a keen eye on the fabric, quality, and intricacy in craftsmanship.