We are a boutique brand that came alive in the heritage city of Benares with a promise of a legacy to lovingly create heirloom pieces of art and excellent craftsmanship. We at Roliana don't merely trade textiles, we trade taste and experiences laced with homegrown love and joy. 

We believe in nurturing deep rooted relationships which reflect unwaveringly in each piece of handloom that we create. Our bond with our clients is more about personal connections rather than a business opportunity and we pride ourselves in creating an everlasting thread of trust and fulfilment. 

Standing strong with and for the dying art of the famed handloom industry, we revive it bit by bit with a keen eye on the fabric and workmanship. The flow of the dupatta the undulating fall of a Saree with the exquisite colours of the Resham and zari dhaaga peeping through and the elegance of the colourful tassels finishing the edging of the pallu all contribute to make each Saree or fabric a collector’s delight to be lovingly worn and then passed to the next generation with pride.